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         I’ve been editing since I was 9 years old.  My father’s office was next to an editing room, and they used to let me cut trims together.  Little did I know where it would lead.

this is a picture of sky

         At 24, I was assisting on low-budget features, winding through miles of film to find that missing frame.  I was also working as a reader at a literary agency, writing screenplays and attending acting school.  And occasionally sleeping.

         A couple of years later, I hooked up with Broadcast Arts, an animation/special  effects company famous for its station identifications for MTV and for PeeWee’s playhouse.  These were guys who had found a way to make being weird profitable.  I had found a home.

         I remained at Broadcast Arts for the company’s final years, rising from assistant editor to the head of the editing department.  I cut hundreds of nationally-televised commercials for major brands (see ‘clients’), and gained a great understanding of animation and special effects. 

         After Broadcast Arts closed, the managing partners asked me to join them in their new venture, Curious Pictures.  I remained there for fourteen years.  I cut and supevised postproduction of commercials, several television series (both offline and online), and two feature films.  I also wrote, directed, and co-produced an independent feature:  ‘Personal Sergeant’.  This was a tremendous education in all aspects of production, from conception through distribution (the movie is being marketed by MarVista Entertainment; see

         Now that I’m freelance, I’m looking for projects which will utilize both my technical and narrative skills.  A story can be a falling drop of water, or it can be a Russian novel; whatever your story is, let me help you tell it.